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Name: Cyrus

Pronouns: He/they

Age: 19, born January 12th 2005

USA based, Black American

Hello! I'm Cyrus and welcome to my about me page. Some info on me: I'm a high school graduate (graduated in December 2022) and I'm about halfway through my first year of college. I work part-time at a cat cafe when I'm not at school. My main hobbies are art, writing, coding, gaming, baking, and reading.Feel free to explore this page to learn more about me and my interests.

E-mail me at:


Tumblr| Bluesky|ArtFight|Twitter

My Favorite Things

Games:Minecraft, The Stanley Parable, Portal 2, Inscryption, Sonic, Psychonauts, Kirby, Stardew Valley, The Wolf Among Us, Pikmin, Pokemon, The Last of Us, God of War, Kingdom hearts, Spider-man

Shows:Yu-Gi-Oh, Invader Zim, Avatar The Last Air Bender, Ninjago, Community, The Umbrella Academy, Wakfu, Adventure Time, Ben 10, Star trek, Justice league, Young Justice, Doom Patrol, Lego Monkie Kid, Kirby: Right Back At Ya, Mob Psycho

Music: Daft Punk, Mitski, Deftones, 6arelyhuman, The Cardigans, Ke$ha, Beyonce, The Smiths, Two Door Cinema Club, Korn, boy genius, Jeff Buckley, The Frights, MCR, Persona 4 Soundtrack, Trolls Soundtrack, Adventure Time Soundtrack,

Colors: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink

Other: Fashion, Game design, Collecting, Interior design, Old tech, Retro Futurism

Currently Listening to:
Current Main Interests