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    January 16th 2024

    Doing a quick blog post before I upload the new site layout, basically Ill just talk site plans and maybe ramble for a sec. I changed everything! I decided to scrap the orange and green color scheme and replace it with orange and blue. I just felt the original pallet wasn't as cohesive enough. I also broke free of my pre-made layout, everything here is hand coded by me (yay). Honestly, I'm pretty happy with how everything looks.

    Im still working on the shrines, OCs, and collections pages on my site, but I figured those could wait a bit. I still need to make about me pages for my OCs, which will take a while. I wanna eventually make a separate site for my OCs as I keep world building, but whose to say when I get around to that. The shrines page is just for e-shrines, Ill be talking about media I love, prob put fan art there too. And the collections page will be for showing off all my figures and merch (mostly yu-gi-oh).

    In not site related news, I started job hunting again I like my job or whatever, but the pay is starting to hurt my soul a little. That and I'm starting to find it really difficult to talk to people and that's like 80% of the job soooo... Also, I start classes again soon, so I'm probably going to have to talk in class too, so that's super awesome and cool and awesome. On the bright side, both of my classes are 'hybrid' classes meaning I can learn online or in person, but one of my professors said she had hands-on activities planned???? So, I think ill just be nice and show up to the first 2-3 classes and see if I'd rather just do online.

    that's all for now