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June 1st 2023

happy pride month! also hi pete.... get off my site.

May 30th 2023

GODDD DAYMMMMMMMM!!! i just got back from my grandparent's house, i was visiting for Memorial weekend. the thing with visiting family is that it's fun for exactly 30 minutes and then you wanna die. nothing bad happened, it was just very loud the whole time and i had to answer a million questions, y'know, the works. anyways im home now, and reunited with my cat. in other news, i pre-ordered my tickets to the new spider verse movie, and im VERYYYY excited. i’m gonna be shaking in my seat the whole movie!!! that’s all from me atm! Bye, bye!

May 22th 2023

Hiii, small life update. Made some cupcakes today, and they turned out.... ok??? I have a curse where all of my baked goods taste really good but look kinda messed up. I think the main issue is that I'm just bad at icing cupcakes and cake lol. After I finished baking though I finally planted my sprouts, I’m a bit late on that but it should be ok. Aside from that, that's about all I've done today, I woke up really late in the day so ill end up being up late tonight. My links page should be up later today, there won't be much on there but it'll be accessible;;-_-. Bye, bye!

May 21th 2023

Working on my recipes page! I wanna make sure all of my page links actually lead to something even if it's unfinished so look out for that this week. I’m also super excited to start working on my OC’s page, I have big plans for it! My only concern is that I'm kinda shit at HTML so it might take a bunch of trial and error but that's the name of the game I guess. Pretty much just going to be working on the site and drawing for the rest of the month while I wait for classes to start. Bye, bye!

May 19th 2023

Minor blog post, I've been moving things around on my site and just wanna make sure everything looks good. Which in my opinion it does (yay). I want to work on my website more, especially after scrolling through neocities for a few hours and seeing a lot of cool stuff. Overall I would like to be more consistent with updates because I want this to be a hobby I stick with. No longer will I have a new hobby just to drop it in two weeks!!!! As for life updates, I’m starting college next month, I've been working at a cat cafe for a few months, and I tried Korean BBQ for the first time yesterday which caused me to die and go to heaven because of how good it was. That's all for a while, see you whenever. Bye, bye! | make your own blinkies!

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